Although modular carpet is more expensive than broadloom, it continues to grow in popularity. Recently, there has been an explosion in new carpet tile designs and patterns. Carpet tile can be installed using three different layouts: monolithic, ¼ turn, and brick ashlar. Using these new designs and installation formats, carpet tile can be a creative tool used to enrich the style and uniqueness of a space.

Installation costs associated with carpet tile are also less than broadloom. While both products require skill to install, carpet tile installs quicker and is easier to handle. In an occupied space, a carpet tile installation is less disruptive and can be installed underneath office cubicles whereas broadloom carpet cannot. There is also less wasted material with modular carpet. Another advantage to carpet tile is it can be easily changed if it gets stained or damaged. Finally, carpet tile has better anti-fatigue and acoustic properties. For all these reasons, the movement toward modular carpet will continue.