Despite the growth in modular carpeting, broadloom still dominates the low and high-end segments of the soft flooring industry. Broadloom offers a number of good options at low price points that cannot be attained with carpet tile. Price-conscious consumers depend on broadloom carpeting to cover the floor and meet their budget.

At the upper-end of the market, broadloom is preferred because of its richness and uniformity. In prestigious office spaces, the seams of a modular product every 24” sometimes conflict with the interior design of the space. Seams are also concern for sectors (i.e. healthcare) that want to maintain spills on the surface. Recent innovations in backing systems enable broadloom carpeting to be welded together thereby preventing spills from penetrating the material. Large and intricate patterns also differentiate broadloom carpeting because these designs cannot be easily created on a modular carpet. Upscale, formal patterns often installed in hotels, casinos, movie theaters, and restaurants are almost always done using broadloom carpeting. For all these reasons, broadloom continues to maintain its position in the high-end segment.